Holiday discount!

Get 15% off your order until 12/30! Just use code “Turtles” at checkout. More incentive to work off those Holiday pounds. Happy Holidays!

We survived Irma!!!!

Power is back up and the Turtles are still alive. Shipping is back to normal times. Thank you for your patience. We are praying for all that are still suffering …

Hurricane delays…..

Sorry, but hurricane Irma will delay any shipments this coming week. We are right in the projected path. 🙁 We’ll keep you updated.

The Turtles are here!!!!

Woo woooooo! We finally have our very own, custom logo Turtle Towels!!! Check it out. They are charcoal gray with our white leatherback turtle logo all over it. Super awesome …

We’re moving our logo.

As much we love our logo, we’ve had some requests for blanks. So, we are in the process of moving the Turtle Towel logo to a small label on the …